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201808 A breakdown of courier company expenditure 2018

JNCC FOI 201808#### Summary of detailsRequest for a breakdown of JNCCs expenditure on courier company contracts.Please Note: While identical to **JNCC FOI 201809**, this request was submitted on a dif...

PDF JNCC EIR 201907 2019 318.0 KB

Environmental Information Regulations SARF low-frequency ADD report For a Link to the FOI/EIR page visit: For further information about the Joint Nature...

202012 Data held in the Marine Noise Registry (MNR) database 2020

JNCC FOI 202012A request for a copy of all data held in the Marine Noise Registry (MNR) database, other than personal data, along with permission to re-use the data provided.Number of days to respond ...

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