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The biodiversity footprint of UK Foreign Direct Investment 2009

As part of its Global Impacts Programme, JNCC undertook some work in 2009 to develop techniques to track commodities coming into the UK and investment flowing out, with the objective of linking these ...

PDF JNCC Report No. 492: Nature conservation and ecosystem service delivery - Nature Conservation and ecosystem service delivery (JNCC Report No. 492) 2013 563.5 KB

JNCC Report No. 492 Nature conservation and ecosystem service delivery Eastwood, A., Nijnik, M., Brooker, R., Pakeman, R., Artz, R., Norton, L., Ross, L., Bullock, J.M., Vellinga, N., Albon, S., Field...

XLSX JNCC Report No. 492: Appendix 9 – River Dee case study 2013 44.8 KB

This project assesses how nature conservation management affects ecosystem service (ES) delivery. The UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) published in June 2011 was the first independent assessment...

PDF St Helena Cost Benefit Analysis – Water Security (Calculation Sheet) 2019 1.1 MB

This document links with “ St Helena Cost Benefit Analysis, Water Security Final Report” c4ed-bdbd-44d1-8309- 5c77b205ad86

Montserrat iVMS data: results of integration with landings data 2017

This report details the production of value maps for fisheries around Montserrat using novel iVMS (inshore vessel monitoring system) technology, using data gathered over the first year of deployment o...

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