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Gap analysis of economic valuation studies completed in the Caribbean UK OTs 2016


This report aims to provide additional insight into natural capital valuation studies in the Caribbean by assessing existing data gaps and research needs in the UK OTs. The analysis of available studies is primarily based on the framework to integrate ecosystem services into governance proposed by Daily et al. (2009).

This framework describes the links between threats, ecosystems, ecosystem services, values, and policy making, as presented in section 2 of this report. Section 3 presents an overview of the natural capital studies conducted in Caribbean UK OTs and explains the attributes considered in the gap analysis. Thereafter, a brief overview of the local context and the information provided by the available natural capital studies is presented in a separate section for each one of the five Caribbean UK OTs. Finally, section 9 identifies research gaps considering all the Caribbean UK OTs and section 10 presents recommendations based on the findings of the study.

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Reference date 2016·12·01

Wolf, E. (2017) Gap analysis of economic valuation studies completed in the Caribbean UK OTs.

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