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JNCC Resource Hub

The JNCC online resource hub portal allows you to explore, download and reuse our corporate, technical and scientific information. In support of our commitment to open access data we produce a broad range of reports and other types of publication, plus an array of datasets. This is part of our commitment to our customers, who include governments, public and private sector organisations and NGOs.

Featured publications

Joint Committee Meeting - September 2016
The one hundred and eighth meeting of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.
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The use of harbour porpoise sightings data to inform the development of Special Areas of Conservation in UK waters
This paper describes how harbour porpoise sightings' data were used by the UK’s country nature conservation bodies (CNCBs) to identify possible Special Areas of Conservation (SACs).
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Featured datasets

JNCC guidelines for minimising the risk of injury to marine mammals from geophysical surveys
These guidelines outline measures to minimise potential injury to marine mammals (cetaceans and seals) from geophysical surveys (e.g. seismic air-guns, sub-bottom profiling equipment).
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JNCC Open Data Policy
Open data is “data that anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share for any purpose – subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness” (The Open Definition). Open data is recognised in government policy and by civil society as a system of principles..
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Content categories

Human Activities

Geospatial datasets of activities undertaken by humans in the UK marine environment

Seabed Habitats and Geology

Geospatial datasets of activities undertaken by humans in the UK marine environment

JNCC Publications

Official publications produced by Joint Nature Conservation Committee

Offshore Seabed Survey

Geospatial datasets and other outputs from marine survey cruises

Overseas Territories

Publications and resources related to British Overseas Territories

Protected Areas

Spatial boundaries for conservation zones, protected areas, etc.

Earth Observation

Various mapping outputs using Earth Observation data

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