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Benthic Impacts Tool User Manual 2020


The Benthic Impacts Tool (BIT) is a decision support tool and aims to aid the user (typically a regulator) in quantifying the impact of bottom towed fishing activity on sedimentary habitats. The BIT has also been designed to inform adaptive marine protected area management and therefore allows the user to consider various scenarios and their potential impacts on the Relative Benthic Status (from spatial closures, to modified gear types).

This user manual provides an overview of the science-assessment framework of the tool including assumptions and limitations along with technological requirements and user guidance.

The Benthic Impacts Tool has been designed to be a web-based application and may be made available as such in the future. The R script behind the Benthic Impacts Tool and associated user manual is available on request. The code will be provided though GitHub. Knowledge of the R software is required for use of this option. Please contact Jan Geert Hiddink or Lowri Evans (Bangor University) for further information and access.

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Reference date 2020·04·01

Benthic Impacts User Manual v4, 2020. Developing a participatory approach to managing fishing activity in UK offshore Marine Protected Areas. Bangor University. Available at:

The Benthic Impacts Tool user manual was produced as part of the EMFF-funded project 'Developing a participatory approach to the management of fishing activity in UK offshore Marine Protected Areas'

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Communications, JNCC originator

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Metadata date 2020·04·29

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