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Coastal Geomorphology of Great Britain (Geological Conservation Review Series No. 28) 2003


Volume 28 of the Geological Conservation Review series, Coastal Geomorphology of Great Britain is the first to highlight both the conservation value of the coastal geomorphology sites of Great Britain and the important role these sites play in the development of the science of geomorphology.

The chapters are arranged thematically to highlight similarities and differences of related systems including hard-rock and soft-rock cliff coasts, gravel and sandy beaches, sand dunes, machair and saltmarshes. Each chapter includes contextual descriptions of the landforms and interpretation of the dynamics of the systems operating within the sites, and the volume is characterized by many illustrations and an extensive bibliography and glossary.

The contents of the volume include:

  • Prelims – including an introduction to the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) and the list of sites discussed in the volume.
  • Chapter 1 – An introduction to the coastal geomorphology of Great Britain
  • Chapter 2 – The geomorphology of the coastal cliffs of Great Britain – an introduction
  • Chapter 3 – Hard-rock cliffs – GCR site reports
  • Chapter 4 – Soft-rock cliffs – GCR site reports
  • Chapter 5 – Beaches, spits, barriers and dunes – an introduction
  • Chapter 6 – Gravel and 'shingle' beaches – GCR site reports
  • Chapter 7 – Sandy beaches and dunes – GCR site reports
  • Chapter 8 – Sand spits and tombolos – GCR site reports
  • Chapter 9 – Machair
  • Chapter 10 – Saltmarshes
  • Chapter 11 – Coastal assemblage GCR sites
  • References, Glossary & Index

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May, V.J. & Hansom, J.D. 2003. Coastal Geomorphology of Great Britain, Geological Conservation Review Series No. 28. JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 1 86107 4840.

Volume 28 of the Geological Conservation Review series.

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