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Methods to compare domestic to overseas commodity production impacts 2024


The aim of this report, a literature review of methods used for comparing production impacts, was to provide an overview of potential methods that could be employed to compare the impacts of commodities produced in defined production systems domestically and overseas.

This literature review identified methods that could be used to compare production impacts and assessed how useful they would be for the proposed purpose. Life Cycle Assessments were found to be the most suitable method due to data availability, ease of application using existing studies or software, the range of impacts which can be assessed and the ability to apply the method to a wide range of commodities and countries to enable comparisons to be made.

The literature review is accompanied by a case study demonstrating the use of LCAs to understand the differences in the environmental impacts of rapeseed oil and palm oil produced, as substitutable commodities that are largely produced domestically and overseas (Appendix 1). The case study does not undertake a primary LCA study but synthesises existing knowledge from the literature.

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Reference date 2024·04·16

Brice, C., Birks, O., Hartley, I. & Harris, M. 2023. Methods to compare domestic to overseas commodity production impacts. JNCC Report 764 (Guidance report), JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report provides a literature review on the methods available for agricultural commodity production comparisons.

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