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Review of monitoring biodiversity effectively at differing scales 2024


This report aims to provide guidance for developing coordinated, multi-scale biodiversity monitoring, based on approaches that have been undertaken previously. The report begins by highlighting the challenges that such a programme would face, then explores guidance that could be followed to overcome such challenges, and finally provides advice for several cases in which the guidance may be relevant. It is based on a time-restricted review of the scientific literature, and so does not intend to be comprehensive or systematic.

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Resource type Publication

Topic category Environment

Reference date 2024·01·01

Harris, M. & Hoskins, H. 2024. Review of monitoring biodiversity effectively at differing scales. JNCC Report 756 (Guidance Report), JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This project was funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as part of the Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (NCEA) programme.

Responsible organisation
Communications, JNCC publisher

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Use constraints Available under the Open Government Licence 3.0

Metadata date 2024·04·23

Metadata point of contact
Communications, JNCC

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