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Supporting Implementation of the Emerald Network in the United Kingdom: Phase 1 and Phase 2 Reports 2023


These reports (Phase 1 and Phase 2) explore what is required to implement the Bern Convention's Emerald Network of protected sites (Areas of Special Conservation Interest (ASCIs)) in the UK, based on existing Bern Convention Resolutions, Recommendations, Guidance and Processes. The reports seek to help to answer the question agreed at Standing Committee 41: ‘“Please identify what problems or challenges you face with implementing relevant elements of the Convention and other measures in place for Emerald Network sites".

The Phase 1 Report provides a review of the Resolutions, Recommendations, Guidance and Processes of the Bern Convention, which provide advice on how the Emerald Network should be implemented, and helps to identify issues or gaps in the current documentation.

The Phase 2 Report builds on the Phase 1 Report by making recommendations, based on the conclusions of the Phase 1 Report and the discussions from an expert workshop held in June 2022. Two of the annexes accompanying the Phase 2 report are provided as accompanying separate documents (Annex 1 – screenshots of workshop comments (captured on post-it notes); and Annex 2 – Summary of issues identified by Workshop participants (provided in spreadsheet format)).

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These reports explore options for supporting the implementation of the Emerald Network in the United Kingdom.

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