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National Vegetation Classification field guide to mires and heaths 2002


This volume gives a detailed account of 38 mire communities and 22 heath communities in the UK, providing information on their composition, structure and distribution.

The summary descriptions provided here are derived directly from the full accounts prepared by John Rodwell, but are in no way a substitute for them. Rather they are intended as an aide-memoire to assist surveyors in the field or for anyone else wishing to familiarise themselves with the overall scheme of classification for mires and heaths. Anyone who uses this book should always check their results against the frequency tables and full descriptions for each community in Volume 2 of British Plant Communities.

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Reference date 2002··

Elkington, T., Dayton, N., Jackson, D.L. & Strachan, I.M. (2002) National Vegetation Classification field guide to mires and heaths, JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 1 86107 526 X

One of a series of JNCC publications designed to aid and promote understanding and application of the National Vegetation Classification.

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Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC publisher

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