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Standardised list of pressures in the marine environment 2011

Marine Human Activities Coastal defence & land claim protection Conservation & environmental protection Cultural and heritage sites (Wrecks) Extraction – Navigational dredging (capital & maintenance) Extraction – Sand and gravel (aggregates) Extraction – Water (abstraction) Extraction of genetic resources Gas storage operations (carbon capture & natural gas storage) Industrial and agricultural liquid discharges Marine Research Military activities Municipal waste Power station incl. nuclear Recreational activities Renewables - Tidal Renewables - Wave Renewables - Wind Sewerage disposal Shipping – General (at sea) Shipping – Port operations Submarine cable and pipeline operations Waste gas emissions Waste gas emissions Coastal development


This table is a list of pressures associated with the marine environment and their descriptions. This table was produced from a review of previous attempts to link human activities to marine pressures in order to move towards development of a standardised UK pressure-activities matrix in which pressure-activities links are identified. Coastal and marine ecosystems have historically been subjected to a number of human-induced pressures associated with a variety of marine activities and developments. The mechanisms through which specific human activities impact the marine environment, however, are still poorly understood.

In order to describe links between activities and pressures, it is first necessary to define lists of these two components, in order that relationships can be considered in relation to these standard definitions.

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Topic category Oceans

Reference date 2011··

A list of defined pressures for the marine environment that has been formally agreed by the OSPAR Intercessional Correspondence Group on Cumulative Effects (ICG-C). Pressure is defined as the mechanism through which an activity impacts the marine environment. Before a standardised UK pressure-activities matrix can be created a complete list of marine pressures must also be defined. A list of marine pressures has already been formally agreed by the OSPAR Intercessional Correspondence Group on Cumulative Effects (ICG-C). It is the ICG-C list of pressures that JNCC recommends for use within the standardised UK pressure-activities matrix.

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Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC pointOfContact

Limitations on public access This dataset is available to download from the JNCC website.

Use constraints Released under the Open Government Licence v3.0

Metadata date 2020·05·06

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Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC

Temporal extent 2011·· 2011··

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