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The UK Biodiversity Action Plan: Highlights from the 2005 reporting round 2006


The UK Biodiversity Action Plan, published in 1994, was the UK government’s response to signing the Convention on Biological Diversity at the Rio Earth Summit. It set out a programme for the conservation of the UK’s biodiversity and led to the production of action plans to achieve the recovery of many of our most threatened species and habitats

This report contains an update on progress on the 391 Species Action Plans (covering 475 separate species) and 45 Habitat Action Plans produced under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan between 1995 and 1999.

The main results were:

  • Biodiversity Action Plan partnerships at both UK and local levels continue to deliver gains for priority species and habitats;
  • 22% of habitats and 11% of priority species are increasing;
  • 39% of habitats and 27% of priority species are declining but the decline is slowing for 25% of all habitats and 10% of all species;
  • Overall, more priority species are showing improved trends than in 1999 and 2002;
  • There was a significant improvement in the level of reporting in 2005 but there remain significant gaps in monitoring information for UK priority species and, in particular, habitats outside of designated sites. These need to be addressed if we are to monitor progress towards the 2010 target to halt biodiversity loss;
  • All of the targets for 51 species and 2 habitats were met. Although many targets for other habitats and species have still to be achieved, it can take time to reverse adverse trends and progress is being made in many cases. Overall, the signs are encouraging but there is still more to do to meet the 2010 target;
  • Habitat loss/degradation (particularly due to agriculture and infrastructure development) and global warming are the current or emerging threats of significance to the highest proportion of priority species and habitats;
  • There have been many successes arising from the specific targeted action plans. A few examples are included in this report.

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Defra. 2006. The UK Biodiversity Action Plan: Highlights from the 2005 reporting round. Crown copyright.

Published by Defra on behalf of the UK Biodiversity Partnership.

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