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Defining ASSI/SSSIs with 'marine biological components' and setting out a process for determining their contribution to the UK MPA Network 2018


Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) are intended to provide statutory protection for areas that are considered to be of special interest by reason of their flora, fauna, geological, or physiographical features. This paper sets out a process that allows each country nature conservation body (CNCB) to identify SSSIs that include marine components in a consistent manner, so that a UK-level list of SSSI marine features can be generated. For the purposes of reporting under this legislation and assessing progress towards international and national obligations to establish MPA networks, it is necessary to set out a process for determining the contribution of SSSIs to the MPA network. The intended outcome is that each CNCB will be able to supply JNCC with a list of their SSSIs, the marine feature(s) considered to be afforded protection (as listed within the site documentation) and those UK MPA network feature(s) with which these listed features are considered to correlate.

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Reference date 2018·07·24

This document sets out a process for the CNCBs to identify SSSIs that include marine components

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