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Eleventh Article 12 UK Birds Directive Report (2019): Annex B – Species' status and trends 2019


Every six years, all EU Member States are required, under Article 12 of the EU Birds Directive, to report on the implementation of the Directive. The 11th UK Birds Directive Report was submitted to the European Commission in October 2019.

The 11th UK report follows the format established by the 10th report, which gives major emphasis to reporting by Member States on the status and trends of bird species. This information is presented in Annex B of the report, and is provided in three worksheets:

  • Report containing information on: population size and trend (short- and long-term); breeding distribution and trend (short- and long-term); species action plans; outline information on Pressures, threats, purpose of any conservation measures; population size inside the Special Protection Area network.
  • Pressures & Threats containing more detailed information on pressures and threats, listing all the pressures and threats for each bird assessment (so there may be more than one row per species-in-season), showing the ranking (indicating whether the pressure/threat is of Medium or High importance; Low-ranking ones are not submitted) and location of each.
  • Conservation Measures details the nature of the conservation measures (so there may be more than one row per species-in-season; whereas the information in the Report sheet is concerned mainly with the main purpose of measures).

Further information on the report format and guidelines can be viewed on the Eionet website.

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Reference date 2019·10·01

All EU Member States are required to report on implementation of the EU Birds Directive every six years (under Article 12 of the Directive). The eleventh UK report was produced in 2019.

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