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Joint Cetacean Data Programme: Project development 2019 to 2022 – progress reports 2021


There has been no mechanism to readily access the wide range of existing cetacean monitoring datasets in the UK and wider north-east Atlantic waters, and the process to do so can be labour intensive and inefficient. Comprehensive data on which to perform analyses regarding the status of cetaceans is not available from a single source, but instead, agreement to use existing data needs to be brokered with multiple data owners/organisations. The Joint Cetacean Data Programme (JCDP) aims to collate these data into a single resource to maximise the effectiveness of the various data collection programmes and vastly improve access to the cetacean evidence base.

The JCDP is funded by DEFRA through the Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seabed Evidence Group (HBDSEG) and is project managed by JNCC.

Provided here are reports and resources produced during Phase one and Phase two of the JCDP, including:

  • Phase one Final Report
  • Phase two Interim Report
  • Communications Strategy Tasks & Progress update


Phase one: Final Report

Phase one of the JCDP (2019–2020) has made significant steps towards achieving this aim through the following objectives:

  1. Standardisation of data protocols and submission requirements across cetacean data providers and data receivers
  2. Development of a data policy regarding terms of data submission, access and use.
  3. Scoping of options for hosting the JCDP resource.
  4. Support major NGO data providers to prepare recent data for submission to the resource
  5. Create a project web page to promote the project objectives and the opportunities of a collated dataset.

The Phase one report outlines the approach taken in more detail and provides an overview of outcomes to date.


Phase two: Interim Report

Phase two of the JCDP (2020– 2022) builds on the work undertaken in Phase one to achieve the overarching aims of the JCDP, through the following Phase two objectives;

  1. Initiate plans to develop the JCDP with ICES
  2. Design and plan development of the cetacean database and portal
  3. Archive and develop a MEDIN-compliant data standard for UK datasets
  4. Create and implement the cetacean database and portal (21/22)
  5. Develop and implement a communications strategy for the JCDP

The Phase two Interim Report outlines the approach taken in more detail and provides an overview of progress with objectives and outcomes to date.


Communications Strategy – progress report

Communications regarding the JCDP are an essential element of the success of the project. Through the Communications Strategy, available through the JCDP Hub, we outline how communications will be applied to: drive data submission and use; promote those who are contributing to the database; and encourage collaboration in using the data and data products.

Accompanying the Strategy is a downloadable report (available here), which provides an update on progress with tasks outlined in the strategy.

These resources may not be fully accessible for all users. If you need a copy in a different or more accessible format, please contact

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The Joint Cetacean Data Programme is a collaborative project led by JNCC, working towards an aspiration to deliver a growing resource of collated cetacean distribution data. It is funded by DEFRA through the Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seabed Evidence Group (HBDSEG).

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