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The Development of Monitoring Options for UK MPAs: Fladen Grounds R&D Case Study 2016

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The survey collected evidence to support development of monitoring options, specifically for the Central Fladen NCMPA and, more generally, for offshore mud habitats.


The Central Fladen Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area, in the Northern North Sea, has been designated for the protection of the burrowed mud feature, including both the seapen and burrowing megafauna in circalittoral fine mud, and tall seapen components, and for the sub-glacial tunnel valley representative of the Fladen Deeps Key Geodiversity Area. Burrowed mud habitats, such as those found within the Fladen grounds, are classified as moderately sensitive to shallow abrasion/penetration of the seabed, typically inflicted by bottom-contact fishing gears (Brooks et al 2013).

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Reference date 2016·03·01

Murray, J., Jenkins, C., Eggleton, J., Whomersley, P., Robson, L., Flavell, B. & Hinchen, H., (2016), The Development of Monitoring Options for UK MPAs: Fladen Grounds R&D Case Study, JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report Series No. 9, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 2051-6711.

The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences and JNCC undertook a survey of Central Fladen NCMPA, conducted in March 2014.

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