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The UK SPA network: its scope and content (Volumes 1–3) 2001


This publication presents a comprehensive review of the UK's Special Protection Areas; sites classified in accordance with the EC Birds Directive to protect birds and their habitats. It is also known as the UK SPA review.

The publication is presented in three volumes:

  • Volume 1: Rationale for the selection of sites (chapters 1–8 and appendices 1–4) – This volume includes the UK SPA selection guidelines, how these guidelines have been implemented, and a summary of the content of the UK SPA network.
  • Volume 2: Species accounts (appendices 5 & 6) – This volume summarises data handling approaches and provides detailed accounts for the species and assemblages of birds for which SPAs have been classified in the UK.
  • Volume 3: Site accounts (appendices 7 & 8) – This volume presents location maps of the UK's SPAs and detailed profiles of each site, including the list of species for which each has been classified.

Please note, when these volumes were first published, in 2001, on JNCC's old website, the information from them was also presented as a series of webpages and individual documents. This information is available through The National Archives website, by using the following links:

Please also note that whilst every effort to redirect links from our old website to our new website, some of the links within these documents may no longer work.

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Stroud, D.A., Chambers, D., Cook, S., Buxton, N., Fraser, B., Clement, P., Lewis, P., McLean, I., Baker, H. & Whitehead, S. (eds). 2001. The UK SPA network: its scope and content. JNCC, Peterborough.

A comprehensive review of the UK's Special Protection Areas, also known as the UK SPA Review

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