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The Irish Sea Pilot: Report on the identification of nationally important marine areas in the Irish Sea 2004

Marine JNCC Publications Seabed Habitats and Geology 0963-8091 JNCC report series Marine Marine Habitat Mapping Marine Habitats RMNC The Irish Sea Pilot Project 347


This report details the results of testing the draft criteria for the identification of nationally important marine areas, within the framework of the Irish Sea Pilot. Under the criteria, areas may qualify as nationally important based on their typicalness, naturalness, biodiversity, size, and whether they are a critical area for a mobile species or an important area for a nationally important marine feature.

Two approaches to applying the criteria were tested. The first main section of this report (part A) outlines the initial approach, which was to apply the criteria directly at the marine landscape scale, making use of the marine landscape classification developed by Golding et al. (2004). The second approach tested (part B) was to examine the use of the reserve selection software, Marxan, in aiding the process of identifying nationally important marine areas at the regional sea scale.

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Lieberknecht, L.M., Carwardine, J., Connor, D., Vincent, M.A., Atkins, S.M. & Lumb, C.M. 2004. The Irish Sea Pilot: Report on the identification of nationally important marine areas in the Irish Sea. JNCC Report No. 347, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

The purpose of the Irish Sea Pilot was to help develop a strategy for marine nature conservation that could be applied to all UK waters and, with international collaboration, the adjacent waters of the North-East Atlantic.

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