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Swallow Sand Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Monitoring Report 2016 2020


This report includes recommendations that inform continual improvement and development of sample acquisition, analysis and data interpretation for future survey and reporting. Site and feature specific indicator metrics are not currently defined for this site. Potential indicators, where identified, will be evaluated and considered for inclusion in recommendations for future reporting.

Swallow Sand Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) is an offshore MPA located approximately 100km offshore from the Northumberland coast in the north-east of England. It falls within the ‘Northern North Sea’ Charting Progress 2 (CP2) sea area. This report is primarily informed by data acquired in 2016, during the first dedicated monitoring survey at the MPA. The main aim of the report is to characterise and describe the listed feature attributes of the designated features 'A5.1 Subtidal coarse sediment’ and ‘A5.2 Subtidal sand’ (as defined in JNCC Supplementary Advice on Conservation Objectives (SACOs)) to enable future monitoring and assessment of feature condition.

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Reference date 2020·06·10

Curtis, M., Hawes, J., Noble-James, T., Mitchell, P., Mason, C. & Jones, L. 2020. Swallow Sand Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Monitoring Report 2016. JNCC/Cefas Partnership Report No. 31, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 2051-6711, Crown Copyright.

This work was delivered by Cefas and JNCC on behalf of the Marine Protected Areas Survey Coordination & Evidence Delivery Group (MPAG) and sponsored by Defra.

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Metadata date 2020·06·10

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Communications, JNCC

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