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Conceptual Ecological Modelling of Sublittoral Rock Habitats to Inform Indicator Selection 2015

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It is intended that the models produced by this project will be used to guide indicator selection for the monitoring of this habitat in UK waters. CEMs may eventually be produced for a range of habitat types defined under the UK Marine Biodiversity Monitoring R&D Programme (UKMBMP), which, along with stressor models, are designed to show the interactions within impacted habitats, would form the basis of a robust method for indicator selection. This project builds on the work to develop CEMs for shallow sublittoral coarse sediment habitats (Alexander et al 2014).

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Reference date 2015·05·01

Alexander, D., Coates, D.A., Tillin, H. & Tyler-Walters, H. (2015) Conceptual Ecological Modelling of Sublittoral Rock Habitats to Inform Indicator Selection, JNCC Report No. 560. JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

In order to manage the marine environment effectively, it is necessary for decision makers to have access to suitable tools for identifying the state of marine biodiversity and, where a change in state occurs, to identify possible manageable causes. The use of indicators provides one such method, as a proxy for ecological status.

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