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Official Statistics Guidance for TEPoP Partners 2020


Official Statistics are statistics periodically produced by specific categories of public bodies, including JNCC, under The Statistics and Registration Services Act 2007. Official Statistics are also covered by further legislation governing the handling and sharing of official statistics prior to release. The results of several surveillance schemes within the Terrestrial Evidence Partnership of Partnerships have been designated as Official Statistics. This document therefore provides guidance for TEPoP partners regarding the production and publication of Official Statistics.

Resource type Publication

Topic category Environment

Reference date 2020·10·15

Official statistics guidance for TEPoP Partners

Responsible organisation
Communications, JNCC owner

Limitations on public access No limitations

Use constraints Available under the Open Government Licence 3.0

Metadata date 2020·12·11

Metadata point of contact
Communications, JNCC

Temporal extent 2020·10·13 ··

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