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The Flow Country: The peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland 1988


This publication describes the results of the Peatland Survey of Northern Scotland, which was undertaken over several years across a large area of Scotland.

The far north-eastern corner of Scotland, in Caithness and east Sutherland, is an area of low-lying, gently undulating or even flat moorlands, akin to the desolate rolling tundra of the Arctic regions. This area is now recognised as the largest expanse of blanket bog in Europe and this report provided the first global review of the extent of this peatland type. The Flow Country is of outstanding importance, both nationally and internationally. These peatlands are three times larger than any other in either Britain or Ireland. The scale and diversity of the habitat is unique, and the total size and range of bird species present, and other aspects of the fauna, is of international importance.

This report is complementary to Birds, bogs and forestry: The peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland which outlined the ornithological importance of this area, and documented the widespread afforestation which was occurring at that time.

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Lindsay, R.A., Charman, D.J., Everingham, F., O'Reilly, R.M., Palmer, M.A., Rowell, T.A. & Stroud, D.A. (Edited by Ratcliffe, D.A. & Oswald, P.H.). 1988. The Flow Country: The peatlands of Caithness and Sutherland. Nature Conservancy Council (JNCC), Peterborough.

This NCC publication is one of two which describe the nature conservation interest and importance of the Flow Country, in Caithness and Sutherland, northern Scotland.

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