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Services in Ornithology Annual Report 2004-05 2006

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The long-standing partnership between the statutory nature conservation bodies (SNCBs) and BTO supports many of the bird surveillance schemes currently organised in Britain and Northern Ireland. This report gives an overview of some key results from the second year of the current BTO/JNCC Partnership and it is intended to help you locate more detailed information should you wish to do so.

The work of the Partnership is only possible because of the dedication and hard work of thousands of volunteers who freely give their time and expertise to count birds throughout Britain and Northern Ireland. The BTO and JNCC are greatly indebted to all those who contribute in this way to all the surveys and investigations organised by the Partnership and we would like to record here our sincere thanks for all these good efforts.

Under each programme, we state when we delivered those reports that are formally required under the contract underlying the Partnership but do not list the many other reports made as part of the continuous dialogue of the Partnership. The programmes consist of Licensing; Surveys of British Non-Breeding Waterbirds; Surveys of British Terrestrial Birds; National Ringing Scheme; Bird Survival and Movements; Breeding Performance and Productivity; Alerts and Population Assessment; Environmental Change Prediction. This report includes a list of publications and other outputs for 2004, to facilitate access to detailed information, analyses and interpretations.

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British Trust for Ornithology. 2006. Services in Ornithology Annual Report 2004-05. JNCC Report No. 382, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report provides an overview of some key results from the partnership between JNCC and BTO during 2004/05.

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