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Bristol Channel Approaches / Dynesfeydd Môr Hafren MPA – Relevant Documentation & Conservation Advice 2019


The documents referred to below relate to the Bristol Channel Approaches MPA, and include:

  • SAC Selection Assessment Document – Provides an overview of the SAC, designation feature, and rationale for site selection.
  • Conservation Objectives and Advice on Operations – Provides the conservation objectives for the site; the activities occurring within or close to the site with the associated level of risk to harbour porpoise; and consideration of management options for these pressures. This document was last updated in March 2019.
  • Natura 2000 Standard Data Form – The official site information submitted to the European Commission.
  • Draft Impact assessment – A socio-economic impact assessment of the proposed harbour porpoise SACs, produced for the public consultation held in 2016.
  • Post Consultation Report (JNCC Report No. 597) – Gives an overview of the consultation outcomes on the five proposed harbour porpoise SACs, along with the joint country nature conservation body (CNCB) responses and advice to governments.

Some of these documents were produced during the selection and designation process and therefore may not have been updated since the point of submission to Europe in January 2017. The Bristol Channel Approaches MPA Site Information Centre is the most up-to-date source of information for this site and will reflect any additional information gathered.

Please note, these documents were produced prior to the launch of JNCC's new website. Whilst every effort has been made to redirect material to the relevant content on the new website, some of the links within these documents may no longer work.

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Relevant documentation and conservation advice for the Bristol Channel Approaches MPA

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