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Climate Profile Report Cards: The Canyons MCZ and Studland Bay MCZ 2020

Marine Protected Areas


To support the project ‘Developing the evidence-base to support climate-smart decision making on MPAs’, climate profiles were developed for two case study Marine Protected Areas, as examples of how information on MPAs and climate change could be communicated at a site level.

Profiles were developed for Studland Bay MCZ and The Canyons MCZ. The climate profiles provide summary information about the MPA, information on its provision of climate change related ecosystem services, and information on the potential response of these features to climate change as a result of sensitivity assessments.

Studland Bay MCZ is an inshore site protecting intertidal coarse sediment, subtidal sand, seagrass beds and long-snouted seahorse. The Canyons MCZ is an offshore MPA protecting deep-sea bed, coral gardens, cold-water coral and sea-pen and burrowing megafauna. Only protected features identified as playing a role in providing climate related ecosystem services were included in the profiles.

These profiles should be read in conjunction with the project report. Further information on the project is available on the project webpage.

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The Climate Profile Report cards were produced as part of the 'Developing the evidence-base to support climate-smart decision making on MPAs' project.

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