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Marine Nature Conservation Review: Benthic marine ecosystems of Great Britain and the north-east Atlantic 1998


This volume provides a review of information describing seabed habitats and communities in the north-east Atlantic and inshore areas within each of the 15 Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) coastal sectors around Great Britain.

The Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) began in 1987. Its aim was to provide information describing the marine habitats, communities and species around Great Britain. This was collected in such a way as to underpin the development of management systems for marine nature conservation and to support the identification of marine protected areas.

This volume is in two parts. Part 1 of the volume introduces the Marine Nature Conservation Review and provides a brief review of marine benthic information available for the north-east Atlantic including offshore areas of Great Britain. The chapters in Part 2 describe our knowledge of seabed habitats and communities for inshore areas of Great Britain within each of the 15 MNCR coastal sectors around Great Britain.

The results of MNCR surveys are referred to briefly in this volume and are published in a regional report series related to areas within each of the MNCR coastal sectors or to major physiographic habitat types (such as sealochs or lagoons).

Please note that this resource has been produced from a scan of an original document. You may therefore experience fluctuations in quality and large file sizes.

Due to the file size of the volume, it is divided into the following parts/chapters:

  • Preface, Contents & Part 1
  • Part 2, Chapters 1, 2 & 3 (Shetland; Orkney; North Scotland)
  • Part 2, Chapters 4 & 5 (East Scotland; South-east Scotland & north-east England)
  • Part 2, Chapters 6, 7 & 8 (Eastern England; Eastern Channel; Western Channel)
  • Part 2, Chapters 9 & 10 (Bristol Channel and approaches; Cardigan Bay and north Wales)
  • Part 2, Chapters 11, 12 & 13 (Liverpool bay to the Solway; Clyde Sea; West Scotland)
  • Part 2, Chapters 14 & 15 (Outer Hebrides; North-west Scotland)

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Reference date 1998··

Hiscock, K. (Ed.). 1998. Marine Nature Conservation Review: Benthic marine ecosystems of Great Britain and the north-east Atlantic, JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 1 86107 445 X.

This volume forms part the Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR), which commenced in 1987 under the Nature Conservancy Council and continued in 1991 under JNCC until 2005.

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Communications, JNCC publisher

Limitations on public access Material from this volume or any future electronic dissemination version of the volume can be copied and used for non-commercial purposes. For any commercial purpose, the user must seek permission from JNCC. For figures which have been taken or re-drawn from other publications, copying must not be undertaken except with the permission of the originators

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