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Provisional Cormorant Population Indices for England (2022) 2022

Corporate UK Biodiversity


This spreadsheet contains provisional Cormorant index data for England, between 1987/88 and 2021/22.

The statistics are based on data gathered through the BTO/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS), which are published annually in the spring.

Please note that the spreadsheet was republished in November 2022 (version 1.1), to correct a minor error in the caveat text in the 'overview' worksheet. No amendments have been made to the data.

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Resource type NonGeographicDataset

Topic category Environment

Reference date 2022·07·14

Based on data collected through the BTO/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey.

Responsible organisation
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC publisher

Limitations on public access No limitations

Use constraints Available under the Open Government Licence 3.0. Contains Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) data © copyright and database right 2022. WeBS is a partnership jointly funded by the BTO, RSPB and JNCC with fieldwork conducted by volunteers and previous support from WWT.

Metadata date 2022·11·14

Metadata point of contact
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC

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