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2017 Consultation on the proposed amendments to the boundaries of Braemar Pockmarks and Scanner Pockmark Special Areas of Conservation 2018


JNCC conducted a public consultation between August and November 2017, on behalf of Marine Scotland and the Secretary of State, regarding proposed amendments to the site boundaries of two Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) located within Scottish offshore waters – Braemar Pockmarks SAC and Scanner Pockmark SAC. This report describes the consultation, the responses received and JNCC’s proposed actions.

There were two responses to the consultation, with one respondent supporting the proposed amendment to the site boundaries and the other neither supporting or opposing. The consultation has not resulted in any change to the scientific evidence base supporting the proposed boundary amendment to either Braemar Pockmarks SAC or Scanner Pockmark SAC. Consequently, JNCC’s overall recommendation to amend the boundaries remains unchanged following the consultation. JNCC confirms its previous advice to Scottish Government that the proposed boundary amendment for Braemar Pockmarks SAC and Scanner Pockmark SAC should be submitted to the European Commission (EC) as a formal update to the sites.

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Outputs of a public consultation in 2017 on amendments to the boundaries of two SACs (Braemar Pockmarks SAC and Scanner Pockmark SAC)

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