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Protected Annex I Reefs in offshore SACs - line and point data - WMS layer 2023


These Web Map Service (WMS) layers display point and line data for Annex I Reefs protected in offshore Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), as displayed on the MPA mapper. The layers comprise:

The layers present geospatial points and lines for high confidence and potential records of Annex I Reefs in UK offshore SACs. Annex I Reefs occur where rocky areas or concretions made by marine animals arise from the surrounding seafloor.

Resource type Dataset

Topic category Biota

Reference date 2023·08·09

Data sources: * JNCC/NE/EA/Cefas 2016 surveys CEND1116, 2ENC30616 and 2GDK70616 to Haisborough Hammond and Winterton SAC, Inner Dowsing Race Bank and North Ridge SAC, and North Norfolk Sandbanks and Saturn Reef SAC: GI data available via WMS or on request. * Annex I Reefs in UK waters composite dataset v8.3:

Responsible organisation
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC pointOfContact

Limitations on public access None

Use constraints Available under the Open Government Licence v3. Attribution statement "Contains JNCC data © copyright and database right 2023"

Metadata date 2023·08·17

Metadata point of contact
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC

Temporal extent 1968·01·01 2021·12·01

Spatial extent
North 54
South 52
East 1.5
West -0.5
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