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Fourth Article 17 UK Habitats Directive Report (2019): The UK Approach to assessing Conservation Status for the 2019 Article 17 reporting under the EU Habitats Directive 2019


Every six years, all EU Member States are required, under Article 17 of the EU Habitats Directive, to report on the implementation of the Directive and on the conservation status of habitats and species listed under Annexes I, II, IV and V of the Directive that occur in their territory.

To assist Member States with the 2019 reporting, the European Commission created a set of general evaluation matrices to assess conservation status, developed a set of Explanatory Notes and Guidelines, and set out a comprehensive format for the reporting ( The Guidelines explained how conservation status and its component parameters should be assessed, and how each of the reporting fields should be completed.

This document provides a detailed description of the UK approach to completing the reporting for both species and habitats. This includes detail on the UK interpretation of the reporting guidelines and technical details.

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All EU Member States are required to report on implementation of the EU Habitats Directive every six years (under Article 17 of the Directive). The fourth UK report was produced in 2019.

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