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Marine Permian of England (Geological Conservation Review Series No. 8) 1995


Volume 8 of the Geological Conservation Review series, the Marine Permian of England, covers the Magnesian Limestone which formed near the margins of shallow tropical seas during the Permian Period.

The rocks in the 28 localities described in this volume have been designated as worthy of special protection and are mainly types of limestone and dolomite. The greatly varied character of these indicates formation in a complex mosaic of tropical, shallow-water marine sub-environments, ranging from lagoons to barrier bars, reefs to basin-margin slopes. Their formation and regional settings provide an insight into the geological events that shaped the environment that we experience today.

The contents of the volume include:

  • Prelims – including an introduction to the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) and the list of sites discussed in the volume.
  • Chapter 1 – The Permian marine rocks of England
  • Chapter 2 – North-west England
  • Chapter 3 – North-east England (Durham Province)
  • Chapter 4 – North-east England (Yorkshire Province)
  • References, Glossary and Index

Please note: this volume has been produced from a scan of an original document. You may therefore experience fluctuations in quality.

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Smith, D.B. 1995. Marine Permian of England. Geological Conservation Review Series No. 8. JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 0412 61080 9.

Volume 8 of the Geological Conservation Review Series.

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