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Farming at the Margins: Abandonment or Redeployment of Agricultural Land in Europe 1996


The report is concerned with farmland which is becoming marginal under current use, some of which will leave agriculture and be redeployed for other purposes, such as forestry.

The report draws on two different approaches to the analysis of marginalization. One approach is to identify regions which might be susceptible to marginalization on the basis of indicators chosen from a range of European databases. The indicators selected cover agricultural structures, economic performance, social conditions, regional development, etc. The other approach is to examine aspects of the process of marginalization and their effects on the environment in a set of case-study areas.

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Baldock, D., Beaufoy, G., Brouwer, F. & Godeschalk, F. 1996 Farming at the Margins: Abandonment or Redeployment of Agricultural Land in Europe. Institute for European Environmental Policy & Agricultural Economics Research Institute.

The study was commissioned and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries; the Dutch National Spatial Planning Agency and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee in the United Kingdom.

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