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Detecting and attributing air pollution impacts during SSSI condition assessment 2009

Atmosphere Terrestrial JNCC Publications 0963-8091 426 Evidence Grassland JNCC report series Lowland Wetland Monitoring Pollution


The most recent assessments of the effects of air pollution on semi-natural habitats in the UK, using critical loads, show that a substantial area is at risk from either acidification or eutrophication. There is a demand for doing more within the current common standards monitoring (CSM) framework to attribute air pollution (particularly nitrogen deposition) as a cause of unfavourable condition and to ensure that for sites which are being adversely ‘impacted’ by air pollution this is recorded.

This report makes recommendations for how detection and attribution of N deposition can be incorporated into CSM monitoring and the indicators that would be needed to do this.

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Reference date 2009·01·01

Stevens, C.J., Caporn, S.J.M., Maskell, L.C., Smart, S.M., Dise, N.B. & Gowing, D.J. 2009. Detecting and attributing air pollution impacts during SSSI condition assessment. JNCC Report No. 426, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

Data from a regional survey and several long-term experiments were used to identify potential indicators for N deposition.

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