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Marine mammal observations during seismic surveys in 1997 1998


Results of an analysis of the data recorded during 1997 are presented here. Cetaceans were sighted on 730 occasions during 1997, with a total of 8,528 individuals being recorded. The most frequently seen species were pilot whales and fin whales, with reasonable numbers also of sperm whales, white-sided dolphins, common dolphins, white-beaked dolphins and minke whales. 65% of sightings were identified to species level, and a further 17% were identified as being one of a pair or group of similar species. Sightings of cetaceans peaked during July and August.

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Reference date 1998·04·01

Stone, C.J. (1998) Marine mammal observations during seismic surveys in 1997, JNCC Report No. 278, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report presents an analysis of the data on cetacean sightings during seismic surveys carried out in 1997.

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