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The Joint Nature Conservation Committee response to ‘Safeguarding the environment in British Overseas Territories: call for evidence’ 2019

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This report was produced by JNCC in response to the ‘Safeguarding the environment in British Overseas Territories: call for evidence’, which was undertaken in 2019.

Our key recommendations on OT biodiversity can be summarised as:

  • The overarching objectives of JNCC's OT work, funded by the UK Government, are to encourage effective biodiversity conservation in the OTs and demonstrate how biodiversity supports economic security and disaster resilience, whilst simultaneously reducing the dependency of the Territories on outside assistance in managing their environments. This support for the Territories includes significant capacity building, promoting the role of biodiversity conservation in contributing to Territories’ economic security, and enhancing nature-based solutions towards building disaster resilience and climate change adaptation.
  • Data management limitations in many OTs, as large amounts of new data emerge from satellite, drone and marine surveys, restrict the ability of the Territories to benefit from existing data and such data are being acquired at a pace which continues to outstrip the ability of the OTs to store, collate and analyse new data from diverse sources.
  • JNCC’s response to the CfE stresses the economic and strategic benefits from biodiversity conservation. An analysis of the economic benefits arising from biodiversity, and benefits from ‘nature-based solutions’ to build resilience to extreme weather events resulting from climate change, make a very convincing case not only for the protection of existing biodiversity but for active restoration of terrestrial and marine habitats.

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Reference date 2019·07·01

Produced in response to the Call for Evidence on Safeguarding the environment in British Overseas Territories, undertaken in 2019.

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