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St Helena Mapping Natural, Historical and Built Heritage values using geolocated social media 2019

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Mapping natural, historical and built heritage values using social media content is a relatively recent methodology that capitalises upon the widespread use of web-based social media platforms. It typically involves the connection to the Application Programming Interface (API) of a social media provider (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) and downloading ‘geolocated’ public1 posts, user data and metadata that are of interest for a specific application. For example, using the public Twitter API one can have access to recent posts (’tweets’) by all public users from a specific location and to the tweets’ and users’ data and metadata such as: location the tweet was sent from (if the user has enabled location); users’ stated home place and; time the tweet was sent. Thus, one can use this information to map Twitter activity. Using photograph-based social media such as Instagram and Flickr is done in a similar way (see below for a more detailed explanation).

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Reference date 2019·03·01

Bormpoudakis, D., Fish, R., Smith, N. (2019). Mapping natural, historical and built heritage values in St Helena Island using geolocated social media.

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