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Marine Conservation Zone Project – Ecological Network Guidance 2010


The Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Project 'Ecological Network Guidance' sets out the guidelines which the regional stakeholder groups used to identify MCZs and to ensure they contribute to the creation of an ecologically coherent network of MPAs. The guidance is divided into the seven network design principles and further considerations for stakeholder groups to follow. It includes a list of the habitats and species that MCZs should be identified for, how many sites are required, how large and how far apart they should be.

In writing the guidance, JNCC and Natural England have drawn upon the best-available scientific evidence and commissioned several new pieces of research to underpin the guidance principles. A quick reference guide and some frequently asked questions have been produced to help people understand some of the more technical content.

A revised list of MCZ FOCI was produced in 2016 following a review of the MCZ features of conservation importance in 2016. This list, provided in Annex B of the review, replaces Tables 3 & 4 of the Ecological Network Guidance. The 'Review of the MCZ Features of Conservation Importance' is also provided here to accompany the ENG.

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Reference date 2010·06·08

Guidance produced by JNCC and Natural England which sets out the guidelines used to identify MCZs.

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