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Cruise Report: 1714S Solan Bank Reef SCI survey 2015

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Solan Bank Reef SCI is located approximately 50 km north of Cape Wrath on the Scottish mainland. The site represents the Annex I reef sub-types ‘bedrock’ and ‘stony’ reef. JNCC and Marine Scotland Science undertook an offshore seabed survey of the site in 2014.

The survey was planned with the aim of evaluating whether sponge morphological abundance can be sufficiently measured from drop-down camera images and videos, to inform development of a national indicator of ‘Good Environmental Status’ as part of the UK’s obligations under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The proposed indicator is one of a suite of indicators aimed at assessing the status of shallow sub-littoral rock habitats at the regional scale across UK waters, and focusses on changes in sponge morphological diversity and epifaunal diversity in response to natural variables and human-induced pressures.

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Reference date 2015·12·01

O'Connor, J. 2015. Cruise Report: 1714S Solan Bank Reef SCI survey. JNCC Report No. 577, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963 8091.

JNCC and Marine Scotland Science undertook an offshore seabed survey of Solan Bank Reef Site of Community Importance, on the MRV Scotia, between 28 October and 9 November 2014.

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