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Protected geodiversity features in Offshore Marine Conservation Zones - WMS layers 2020

Marine Protected Areas


These Web Map Service layers show polygon data for protected geodiversity features in offshore Marine Conservation Zones. The layers are compiled by JNCC but derived from a variety of data sources, including British Geological Survey.

Three WMS layers are available:

  • Marine Process Features - includes sand bank features
  • Geological process features - includes rock outcrops and tunnel valley features
  • Glacial process features - includes the Jokulhlaup scour feature

Resource type Service

Topic category Biota

Reference date 2020·02·26

26/02/2020 - Updated with feature data from the newly designated Tranche 3 MCZs: Geological process features updated with data for Holderness Offshore MCZ and marine process features updated with data for South West Deeps (East). 04/04/2016 - Layers first created

Responsible organisation
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC pointOfContact

Limitations on public access All layers are freely available with BGS referenced.

Use constraints When used on any public site, data must not be in a form that can be reversed engineered.

Metadata date 2022·03·09

Metadata point of contact
Digital and Data Solutions, JNCC

Temporal extent ·· 2010·01·01

Spatial extent
North 56.610819
South 48.166667
East 2.89477
West -9.800056
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