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Report of Protected Area Management Effectiveness Evaluations for Three Sites in the Maldives 2023


In 2021/2022, the Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP) collaborated with the Government of the Maldives to undertake a pilot study into the management effectiveness of three different types of sites in Maldivian waters.

The aim of this study was to increase understanding on how these sites function, determine how well they are being managed, highlight key success areas, and provide recommendations on how management could be improved. The three sites for the study were chosen based on their different management attributes:

  1. Hanifaru Area as a national Marine Protected Area (MPA) under the Maldivian Environment Protection Act (No.4/93) and a core zone of the Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with an active management plan.
  2. Kudahuvadhoo Kanduolhi a grouper spawning aggregation site regulated under the Fisheries Act of the Maldives (No.14/2019) as a fisheries protection measure.
  3. Angsana Velavaru house reef as a ‘no take’ site under the Tourism Boundary Regulation (No.2012/R-7) and a potential candidate for designation as an Other Effective Area-based Conservation Measure (OECM).

Information in this report was collated via online stakeholder surveys, literature reviews, expert opinions and validation workshops.

Accompanying the report are a series of leaflets, providing a summary of the management review for each of the three sites. These leaflets are available in English and also translated into Dhivehi

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Reference date 2023·01·01

Ocean Country Partnership Programme. 2023. Report of Protected Area Effectiveness Management Evaluations for Three Sites in the Maldives.

This version of the report replaces the previously available draft version, which was published in September 2022 with an opportunity for stakeholders to comment.

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