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Annex I Reefs in UK offshore waters (2019) – methods document 2019

Marine Seabed Habitats and Geology Habitats Directive - Annex I Identification of Annex 1 Reef and subtypes


This document contains methodology for producing the Annex I Reefs dataset for the Article 17 2019 reporting round, covered under the Habitats Directive.

Areas of protected reef can be viewed on JNCC's MPA Mapper:

Additional information source:

Resource type Publication

Topic category Biota

Reference date 2019·09·17

Data sources include databases provided the CNCBs, new survey and modelled data, and derivatives from composite datasets.

Responsible organisation
Communications, JNCC custodian

Limitations on public access No limitations

Use constraints Available under the Open Government Licence v3. Attribution statement "Contains JNCC data © copyright and database right 2019"

Metadata date 2019·12·04

Metadata point of contact
Communications, JNCC

Temporal extent 1968·01·01 2018·12·31

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