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Semi-automated mapping of rock in the English Channel and Celtic Sea 2015

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The aim of this project is to produce a standard interpretation for rock distribution for Charting Progress 2 (CP2) regions 3 and 4 that can be used by the different agencies of the national and devolved governments. This project is designed as a pilot study with the aim to demonstrate a method that maximises the benefits of automated mapping approaches and in-depth geological knowledge. The developed method should be able to be applied subsequently to all other parts of the UK shelf.

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Topic category Environment

Reference date 2015·07·01

Diesing, M., Green, S.L., Stephens, D., Cooper, R. & Mellett, C.L. (2015) Semi-automated mapping of rock in the English Channel and Celtic Sea, JNCC Report No. 569, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report describes the results from a semi-automated approach to the mapping of bedrock outcropping at the seabed.

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