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A review of monitoring and assessment of seabed habitats in UK inshore Marine Protected Areas 1999–2013 2016


This report focuses on the seabed habitat monitoring and assessments conducted by the UK country nature conservation bodies (CNCBs) during the period 1999–2013 in inshore marine protected areas (MPAs), namely SSSIs, ASSIs, SACs, Ramsar sites and SPAs.

It aims to identify:

  • how Common Standards Monitoring (CSM) Guidance has been implemented;

  • how existing monitoring could inform a UK-wide monitoring programme to address all marine biodiversity obligations; and

  • recommendations for future UK seabed habitat monitoring and assessments.

The outputs of this report will help to inform the development of options for monitoring seabed habitats both within MPAs and the wider environment to be presented to the UK Government and the Devolved Administrations. The options will consider whether existing monitoring programmes are sufficient to meet our marine biodiversity obligations and management requirements or whether additional monitoring is needed.

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Reference date 2016·11·29

McBreen, F., Jesus, A., Camplin, M., Clark, L., Edwards, H., Pirie, C., James, B., Young, M., Steel, L., Johnston, C. & Hawkridge, J.(2016) A review of monitoring and assessment of seabed habitats in UK inshore Marine Protected Areas, 1999–2013, JNCC Report No. 540, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

JNCC staff visited each of the CNCBs between August and October 2012 to ask a series of questions related to the monitoring and assessment of seabed habitats undertaken in inshore MPAs.

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