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Spreadsheet of Habitat Correspondences 2008


There are a number of popular terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitat and vegetation classifications in use. These classification systems have been designed with different objectives in mind and use a range of different parameters for classification, which can create difficulties in comparing them. Nevertheless, the correspondences that have been identified between them and certain other systems are presented here in an interactive spreadsheet.

The classifications incorporated in the spreadsheet include:

  • National Vegetation Classification (NVC)
  • Phase 1 Habitat Classification
  • UK BAP broad and priority habitat types (based on the list of habitats produced prior to the Species and Habitats Review in 2008)
  • Vegetation communities of British lakes
  • EUNIS habitat classification
  • EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat types
  • Marine Habitat Classification
  • OSPAR threatened and/or declining habitats

Note that this spreadsheet was produced in 2008 and has not been updated since.

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Topic category Environment

Reference date 2008··

This spreadsheet is an interactive Excel-based relationship tool that shows how the main UK Habitat Classifications correspond with each other

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