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NVC Users' Handbook 2006


The NVC Users' Handbook provides a detailed description of the NVC methods for collection of vegetation relevés (quadrat) data, the methodology for sampling vegetation in the field, and the analysis and description of NVC data.

It provides an authoritative introduction to the National Vegetation Classification (NVC), as published in the five volumes of British Plant Communities. It also explains how such information can be used to identify plant communities and discusses important issues involved in carrying out an NVC survey of a site. There is a brief account of some of the applications and limitations of the NVC.

Accompanying the Handbook are two spreadsheets:

  • 'NVC Name Codes': this spreadsheet contains the codes and names of all the NVC communities and sub-communities. It includes information on species used to define particular communities and sub-communities that have changed their scientific name/status since the publication of the original NVC volumes.
  • 'NVC floristic tables': this spreadsheet provides information on the floristic tables used to define the NVC vegetation types, as explained in the Handbook.

Resource type Publication

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Reference date 2006··

Rodwell, J.S. (2006) NVC Users' Handbook, JNCC, Peterborough, ISBN 978 1 86107 574 1.

One of a series of JNCC publications designed to aid and promote understanding and application of the National Vegetation Classification.

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Communications, JNCC publisher

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