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Maldives Protected and Conserved Areas Forum 2024: Forum Report 2024


This report summarises the outputs of the first Maldives Protected and Conserved Area (PCA) Forum, which took place at Crossroads resort on 15–17 January 2024 and which was followed by a local MPA manager day on 18 January. The Forum brought together those working on Protected and Conserved Areas across Maldives to share and exchange knowledge, explore synergies and opportunities to work together, and provide a platform to learn from global partners.  The event was organised by the Ministry of Climate Change, Environment and Energy, with assistance from the Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP), and additional support provided by International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The event allowed international and national stakeholders to discuss effective management of Protected Conservation Areas (PCAs) and achieving the ambitious goal of protecting 30% of the country's land and sea by 2030. The Forum also resulted in several key announcements, including a new government website and handbook on protected areas, scholarships for marine science research, and Maldives taking a co-chair position in the Asia Protected Areas Partnership. The insights from the forum will be used to develop a roadmap for achieving the Maldives' 30x30 target.

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Ocean Country Partnership Programme. 2024. Maldives Protected and Conserved Areas Forum 2024: Forum Report

The report is a deliverable of the Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP), a UK-led programme funded through the UK’s Blue Planet Fund.

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