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An Introduction to the Geological Conservation Review (GCR Volume 1) 1996


The purpose of this book is to explain why Britain’s Earth heritage is important and how the national series of Earth heritage sites was identified in the Geological Conservation Review. It also describes how these sites are protected by law and how they are conserved.

The identification of the most important Earth heritage sites in Britain began in 1949, but in 1977 the Nature Conservancy Council began a systematic review of the key Earth science localities. This was designed to identify, and help conserve, the sites of national and international importance in Britain. This review, known as the Geological Conservation Review (the GCR), was completed in 1990, and is an international first. No other country has attempted such a systematic and comprehensive review of its Earth heritage.

A copy of JNCC's fossil collecting policy statement, produced in 1997, is also provided.

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Ellis, N.V. (ed.), Bowen, D.Q., Campbell, S., Knill, J.L., McKirdy, A.P., Prosser, C.D.,Vincent, M.A. & Wilson, R.C.L. 1996. An Introduction to the Geological Conservation Review. GCR Series No. 1, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, Peterborough.

Volume 1 of the Geological Conservation Review series.

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