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Assessing the sensitivity of sublittoral rock habitats to pressures associated with marine activities 2016



There are numerous human activities which occur in the marine environment. These activities can cause a variety of pressures on the seafloor habitats and the species they support. These pressures can occur in isolation or in combination, and their effects can be complex. To better understand the implications of anthropogenic pressures, it is crucial to be aware of how the pressures affect different species and functional ecological groups.

The sensitivity of marine habitats has previously been assessed by Tillin et al (2010) and Tillin and Tyler-Walters (2014). Work by Tillin et al (2010) focused on the species, habitats and broadscale habitats recommended for designation within Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) as part of a wider project (Tillin et al 2010). Tillin and Tyler-Walters (2014) focussed on systematic habitat level assessments of subtidal sedimentary habitats.

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Reference date 2016·09·01

Maher, E., Cramb, P., de Ros Moliner, A., Alexander, D. & Rengstorf, A., (2016), Assessing the sensitivity of sublittoral rock habitats to pressures associated with marine activities, JNCC Report No. 589B, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This JNCC-commissioned report represents Phase 2 of the project to develop and improve the understanding of the effects that human activities have on sublittoral rock habitats in the UK, and focuses on the findings of the sensitivity assessments conducted on the ecological groups proposed in Phase 1 (JNCC Report 589A).

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