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Isle of May seabird studies 2001 2002

Marine JNCC Publications Seabird Surveys 0963-8091 Birds Birds of particular localities Evidence JNCC report series Marine Marine Habitats Monitoring Seabirds Surveillance and Monitoring 328


This report provides results from the 2001 seabird study on the Isle of May. The 2001 season for seabirds on the Isle of May was characterised by high interspecific variation, particularly in breeding success. Thus some species had their most productive season since monitoring began, while others had their least productive.

Timing of breeding in auks and Northern fulmars was normal, while European shags and black-legged kittiwakes laid later than in recent years. Return rates were generally close to or above the long-term average, except for common guillemots which were lower. Sandeels and clupeids were the predominant prey items, but varied in importance between species.

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Wilson, L.J., Wanless, S. & Harris, M.P. 2002. Isle of May seabird studies 2001. JNCC Report No. 328, JNCC, Peterborough, ISSN 0963-8091.

This report provides results from the 2001 seabird study on the Isle of May.

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