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JNCC Report 741: Supplementing the Database of Nature Based Solution (NbS) case studies to include pollution threats 2023


In 2021, JNCC delivered a Nature-based Solutions Triple Win Toolkit, which offers guidance to achieve a ‘triple win’ to enhance biodiversity, address climate change, and reduce poverty, through Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in the context of ODA spend.

As part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) Environmental Pollution Programme’s scoping year project, JNCC expanded the International Climate Finance (ICF) database (Library of Projects), to include information on pollution threats. This process identified a shortlist of case studies alongside an updated database that can be used to inform pollution management and control related works. Case studies were identified where NbS mitigation actions were implemented successfully to tackle pollution and where measures were implemented but were unsuccessful. Also, case studies where the implementation of NbS projects were hindered by pollution were highlighted.

Following the review of the NbS database, 39 case studies were found to aim to implement NbS actions to tackle pollution. This subset contained completed, ongoing and planned case studies. Of these case studies, five projects were identified as the most valuable with potential to expand the knowledge of implementing NbS to tackle pollution. These are completed projects where the success of the pollution mitigation is clearly reported in post-project evaluation and guidance for replication is available.

The following resources are provided:

JNCC Report 741 (Research & Review Report): This report details the background and methodology behind supplementing the Database of Nature Based Solution (NbS) case studies to include pollution threats.

Pollution supplemented NbS Database: A workbook containing 378 projects that meet both the definition of a NbS and pass the JNCC selection criteria of aiming to achieve the ‘triple win’ of biodiversity enhancement, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and poverty reduction. Of these 378 projects there are 283 projects that are Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible. These 283 projects have been interrogated to identify case studies that aim to tackle pollution and the database is presented filtered to capture this. Non-ODA eligible case studies are still included in the unfiltered database but were not interrogated for pollution as part of this project.

The revised Pollution Supplemented NbS database and summary of pollution-related findings, including detailed case study reviews, will be used as a source of information by JNCC and Defra, essentially functioning as the detailed guidance for how NbS can be used globally to contribute to decreasing pollution and to help facilitate communication with recipient countries.

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Reference date 2023·07·01

This report was produced as part of the ODA Environmental Pollution Programme's scoping year project. Resilient Coasts Ltd were contracted by JNCC to expand the International Climate Finance (ICF) database (Library of Projects), originally developed by JNCC, to include information on pollution threats.

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